What goes around... Soroya Bagheri

Trip to the Capital
By Soraya Bagheri

On the 26th of the last month, Couch Middle School held its first “Dress for Success” Day. What? Dress for Success Day is held to exemplify a professional outlook how certain careers/jobs come dressed to work.

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NG3 Staff: Matt Williams, NG3 founder, NG3 Director at Archer; Dustin Mattox, NG3 Director at Grayson; Jon Stinchcomb, Director of Operations; Lawson Hale, NG3 Director at Brookwood; Michael Holderfield, NG3 Director at Mill Creek; Javier Munoz, NG3 Director at Parkview.

Time well spent
By NG3 staff

If you visit a practice at one of the high school campuses where NG3 serves, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick out the NG3 director from the rest of the coaches, unless you happen to arrive during a character lesson. 

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By Jonathan Howes, Lead Pastor, Graystone Church

The good life
By Jonathan Howes
Lead Pastor
Graystone Church

I believe that everyone wants to live “The Good Life”.  We want to make the most of our time here on earth.  We want to enjoy our lives and have fun. 

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Get involved - educate and VOTE

Last Day to Register to Vote, 10/5/15
Election Day - Tuesday, 11/3/2015
Advanced & Absentee voting -
10/12/15 – 10/3115
**Please check with your hometown city of residence if you live within ‘city limits’

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1 + 1 + 1 = 36
By NG3 staff

1+1+1=36 has become a new slogan among the staff of NG3.  You might be saying, “obviously, they are not math tutors”, especially after I tell you the equation is about multiplication. 

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