Reflecting on family and home - 70’s in Snellville
By Mandy Snell Harris

Before I get started on the ‘rest’ of the 70’s, I would like to apologize to my cousins Burton Slade and Curtis Jones for not listing them in 1970 graduates. My oversight :)

The 70’s were a special decade, especially for those of us who were born in the 60’s. (just my personal opinion, haha). However..... WOW!!

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Healthy, Happy Friends - November 2013
By Joan Sewell

What with the government shutdown and the continuing debate on raising the debt limit, I have decided that we need a few laughs in this month’s column.  So I solicited some funny stories fromH2U members and at their requests I will refrain from revealing names in the stories they insist are true.  So here goes and I hope you get a laugh or two!

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Emily Ashman, Journalist, Couch Middle School

Bridging the Gap
Cyber-bullying: parents beware!
By Emily Ashman

Too often, a child has the unbearable thought of committing suicide because of bullying.  In previous years bullying typically occurred face to face, but now kids have the capability to bully others from the comfort of their computers and smart phones. Over the years, bullying on social media has grown dramatically. 

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Barbara Brooks

Happy Daze
By Earl Gray

The event couldn't have gone better.  There were more vendors than ever, record crowds, and Chamber of Commerce weather.  After a 16 hour day, Barbara Brooks, whose committee directed this year's Lilburn Daze, managed a smile.

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Shop LOCAL this Holiday Season!

Haul out the “Holley”; “Put up the tree before my spirit falls again. Fill up the stocking, I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now, for we need a little Christmas!”  The best way to get your Christmas going is purchasing your “The Nutcracker 2013” Tickets TODAY!  The Gwinnett Ballet Theatre (GBT) is celebrating its 31st season of performing the Nutcracker for area audiences.  GBT was Gwinnett County’s first non-profit arts organization, founded by Lynne Snipes, in 1977.   For more information about GBT contact Marketing Director “Holley Calmes.”

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