For all of you that read my articles every month, first I would like to say, “thank you”.  It warms my heart to know you are reading what I have written.  Secondly, please continue to do so. LOL.  I want to apologize for the interruption of my consecutive years about Snellville.  However, I feel I need to write what or how I am feeling at this time.

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Kenneth Paryo

He took classical piano lessons for nine years but, when Kenneth Paryo performs, don’t expect to hear Mozart.

Kenneth Paryo grew up in a musical family.  His mom was worried about him getting hurt in sports so she steered him toward piano keys instead of basketball courts.  Like many young men, Kenneth had other interests as well.  “My parents got me into music,” he said, “but dancing I got into myself.”

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You’re a part of your community;
Is your community a part of YOU? 

By James P. (Jamie) Dempsey, Greater Eastside Chamber of  Commerce

Everyone these days speaks of a “sense of community” that they either remember from childhood, wish they had, or, as in the area of South-Eastern Gwinnett County, have found again. 

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Hey Everyone ! I left you last month with a poem that my grand-daddy wrote in 1930. I covered some of what Snellville was like during the 1930’s and now I will pick up in the 40's and move forward. 

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