Dynamic Duo Bo Edwards and Bill Long
The Gwinnett Roadrunner -
On The Run July 2014
By Mary Frazier Long
It might not be opportunity knocking, it could be one of your relatives.
The person who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it.
“Living is like licking honey off a thorn.” Louis Adamic
By the time a man gets to greener pastures he can’t climb the fence.
“Then came hot July boiling like fire.” Edmund Spenser
Parents of long ago were extremely permissive, they permitted their children to work.
Lots of people driving on Pike Street in Lawrenceville drive as though they are rehearsing for an accident.
Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Athletes and All-Stars
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

I am trying my best to understand the parameters of Gwinnett County Youth “All Stars”. From what I can tell, the athletes are really, really cute with above their age ability to look intense.

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Presley Sullivan

When her daughter was around the age of two her mom remembers her jumping up on a coffee table and belting out a tune.

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When the Gwinnett Citizen asked me to start writing a column in the paper every month, I was so excited.

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Mandy Snell Harris

Count your blessings
By Mandy Snell Harris

I missed y'all last month, sorry I had a lot on my plate. As I sit here writing this, I am also watching my husband sleep. He had an accident earlier this month and now a tough recovery.

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