Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

The image is the real you
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

For many of us, our favorite pictures reflect how we most see our loved one and ourselves.  Time passes but the image is the real you.

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Dr Leslie Leigh, one of the neonatologists at GMC, educates the complexity of neonatal  care during a tour for New Lawrenceville.

Touching lives - Spring Green Festival
March 29, 2014 - A time for fun & giving

By Auveed Bagheri Cawthon and Beth Volpert

Spring festivals are the very best. They offer hope that better weather is ahead and that the winter blahs are fading.  This year will mark the fourth annual Spring Green Festival in Historic Downtown Lawrenceville on March 29, 2014 beginning at 8am -  6pm and it's already touching lives.

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Claire Mistretta, Journalist, Couch Middle School

Bridging the Gap

By Claire Mistretta

Typically friends are at the top of the priority list for teenagers.  Sometimes, however, teens may find it difficult to find healthy friendships or even impossible to find great friends.  There are three major things to understand if you’re looking for successful friendships.

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Firth

Love birds
By Earl Gray

This past January, Robert Firth said "I Do" for the third time in his life. It's not like things didn't work out well twice before but, when you're blessed with good genes, sometimes things just happen.

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Snow times to remember!
By Mandy Snell Harris

As I am writing this, the snow is really coming down outside, it is beautiful! 

Unfortunately it caused a lot of heartache for many. But for those of us who didn’t have to go anywhere, it was nice and for me brought back many memories.

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