NG3 Gwinnett!!...humble beginnings
By NG3 staff

In 2005, Coach Hunter and Coach Crews at Brookwood recognized a void among the football players. This void wasn’t something that could be encompassed in a simple phrase about his team. A lack in leadership or trouble with priorities didn’t encompass what he saw as a hole in the lives of his student athletes.

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Jillian Gersen chose Daffy’s as her Bat Mitzvah project.

Question: What do you get when you cross the name of a famous duck, a big-hearted man, and the countries first pet food bank? To understand the answer the backstory needs to be told.

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A New Year, A New You... in New Lawrenceville!
By Rodney Camren

Welcome to 2014, you have arrived. Reset, Relax & Release are my favorite 3R’s for any stressful situation or just to get a grip on the day. So here we are in the first of the New Year 2014 and I hope you will “Reset” your goals or your mindset, “Relax” the tension in your body, mind and spirit so you can focus on the positive energy you will “Release” into your life, work & the Universe.

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Jana Fowler

Jana Fowler had a great life by most people’s standards. At 38, she had enjoyed many years of marriage with her high school sweetheart and the two are obviously still very much in love. She had two beautiful, healthy girls and was very involved in her community. But Jana began to realize in fall of 2012 that she was not balanced. For all of the great things in her life, Jana knew that she did not feel healthy.

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Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

A cautionary tale
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

This next true life mini tale is not to engender sympathy but is included as a cautionary tale. I do not “like” pictures--- I LOVE pictures - even those family pictures from the mid 80s’ when I wore my hair like Mama Smurf and thought I was a fox.

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