New Lawrenceville donated $800 to Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation

Are you giving back to your community’s needs?
Local Charities & Non-profits depend on their communities.

New Lawrenceville has given a total of $10,000  in the last 2 years to local nonprofit organizations in Lawrenceville

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I have been feeling very nostalgic for the past few weeks. It started when I heard the disheartening news of our beloved friend Jamie Britt. When I learned that Hospice would be at his home.... and then he lost his battle with that awful disease, cancer. It just put things into perspective. During this time I was very thankful for the social forum Facebook, SO many of us kept in contact with each other getting updates on Jamie (Britt). 

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New Lawrenceville 5th Annual Trolley Tour

begins June 1, 2013

James Lawrence, the years 1818 or 1821, Jackson Street, Maltbie Street, Rhodes Jordan Park, the Trail of Tears, Five Forks Trickum, The historic courthouse and its fence, buried soldiers on grounds, the four buildings around the square, honest alley or the old City jail ~ The City of Lawrenceville has the oldest and richest stories in all of the Metro Atlanta area. 

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Josh and Alicia Mohr with their two young boys.

For Josh Mohr, building a business from the ground up came quite naturally. Georgia’s fast-growing lawns offered him a great place to start as a 14-year-old who wanted some extra cash. “I started pushing lawnmowers around the neighborhood and kept going from there,” says Josh.

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