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NL: Are you giving back to your community’s needs?

Are you giving back to your community’s needs?
Local Charities & Non-profits depend on their communities.

New Lawrenceville has given a total of $10,000  in the last 2 years to local nonprofit organizations in Lawrenceville

New Lawrenceville donated $800 to Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation


New LawrencevilleSome Non-profit and charitable organizations usually stem from a person or group of people, who have either lost a loved one from a disease or debilitating illness/condition or bad decisions.  Some people start them because of hope or change they may want to see in a group of people or a community.  Some non-profits are to enhance & educate community arts or politics.  There are many reasons charitable organizations are started but one thing is for certain about them they are started with passion!  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia nonprofit organization means: is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends. States in the United States defer to the IRS designation conferred under United States Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c), when the IRS deems an organization eligible. 

While not-for-profit organizations (NPO) are permitted to generate surplus revenues, they must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion, or plans. NPOs have controlling members or boards. Many non-profits have paid staffs including management, while others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives who work with or without compensation (occasionally nominal).  Where there is a token fee, in general, it is used to meet legal requirements for establishing a contract between the executive and the organization.  Designation as a nonprofit and intent to make money are not related in the United States. This means nothing can be inferred by the declaration. It is unclear whether or not this holds outside of the U.S. In the United States, such inference is the purpose of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c). The extent to which an NPO can generate surplus revenues may be constrained or use of surplus revenues may be restricted.  

New Lawrenceville is considered a Georgia Non-profit and works hard to elevate the community of Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas without the use of taxpayer dollars.  We are hoping to go into a 5013c before the end of 2013.  New Lawrenceville started as a $5 Martini drinking & networking group and grew from there over the past 6 years.  The volunteers in the organization work to elevate organizations such as local businesses, schools, neighborhoods, community events, politics and more.  This year with our 3rd annual Spring Green Festival we were able to raise funds to give back to organizations such as The Central Gwinnett Cluster Foundation, The Huffman House, Special Needs School of Gwinnett, The Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation and Family Promise of Gwinnett.  

Last year’s Festival also included The Lawrenceville Police Benevolent Fund.  To date, New Lawrenceville has given a total of $10,000  in the last 2 years to other Non-Profits in our community. Each year we hope to give back even more to Lawrenceville charitable organizations.  

The Huffman House in Lawrenceville is our newest non-profit and very deserving of donations.  Huffman House, Inc. provides grassroots social services to people of all faiths in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Their initial area of service is to provide supplemental, non-perishable food to families and individuals in food-insecure homes, delivered to their door from their mobile food van. Their distribution method does not require clients to access governmental programs, leave dependent family members at home unsupervised in order to get to static food distribution centers, or overcome transportation challenges. Thus, they believe they are filling an unmet need in our community.  If you would like to know more see their ad below  or go to   

Local business owner Regina Elvis of Miracles of Massage supports Peace of Thread.  A local, not for profit organization that empowers women who have come to the United States seeking refuge from war, persecution and poverty to make a new life for themselves and their family. The women of Peace of Thread hand make high quality and one-of-a-kind accessories using top-of-the-line, refurbished fabric.  If you would like more information call out to Regina Elvis at or visit  

Dream Clean is also proud to be affiliated with the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, a non-profit providing free, professional housecleaning services to women undergoing treatment for cancer of any type. “We contribute our time and money to this organization; providing free cleaning services to women during this crucial time of need,” explains Sandra LeMay business owner of Dream Clean.  For more information go to

Sean Christopher of Dancing 4 Fun contributes and supports the local Boys & Girls Club.  Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day. Mr. Rory Johnson is the Executive Director at the Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club and can be reached at (770) 995-0100 if you want more information. For more information about Dancing 4 Fun visit

Right next door to Aldi’s food store on Scenic Highway is Lighthouse Car Wash, owner Brian Hah.  He wants to work with local charities and non-profits to help raise money through car washes.  So if your high school, boy & girls scouts or any other non-profit organization want community support please see Mr. Hah to get those financial funds coming in for your cause.  Visit Lighthouse Express Car Wash’s Facebook at and for more information. 

If you would like to know more about all of the non-profits and charitable organizations in the community please let me know at and I will be happy to send you my list.  There are so many great organizations to either be a part of or for you to start on your own.  Find more out at

 New Lawrenceville donates $800 to The Huffman House
New Lawrenceville donates $800 to the Special Needs School

New Lawrenceville donates $800 to Family Promise

New Lawrenceville donates $800 to Central Gwinnett Cluster Foundation