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Local cleaning service making homes sparkle for women fighting cancer

Attention Cancer Warriors!! Now you have a resource to take cleaning off of your plate—at no cost. Rescue My Time Cleaning Service is a local business that offers free home cleanings to women fighting cancer through a nonprofit organization they joined called Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning companies register with Cleaning For A Reason to connect local businesses with individuals in need.

Lisa SiciliansLisa SiciliansOut of over 1200 companies in the United States and Canada, we have an excellent participating company right here in Gwinnett. Rescue My Time Cleaning, owned by Lisa Siciliano and Glen Eddins, may be a relatively new cleaning service company, but it brings lots of industry knowledge. Lisa’s mother made an excellent career through her own cleaning company—Maid-4-You— that, out of all the thousands of participating companies, ranked Top 10 in the number of free cleanings given. Also, Lisa’s sister is the founder of Cleaning For A Reason. Maid service is not only a family business but also an outlet for a family passion for giving back to the community. This service-minded family also knows cancer in a very personal way. Several men and women in their close family circle battled various cancers. When you watch someone you love go through this battle, it changes you. It lights a fire to DO. Whether a loved-one manages the badge of Cancer Survivor or ultimately succumbs, those who love that warrior want to help others who face the same battle. 

The minutia of day-to-day life usually waddles by us. We do the routine things on autopilot, only noticing when the inconvenience of it all surpasses the effort—the relentless cycle of laundry and dishes, the necessity to eat creates the need, then, to clean the kitchen. We do the chores to stay ahead of chaos, and a lucky few enjoy the process. 

Most of us do these daily tasks on repeat, and only the cumulative repetition wears on us. However, when the devastation of cancer sucker punches someone’s life, it often hits hardest in the smallest moments and even the most-hated tasks. That once-loathed chore of swishing the toilet would be a triumphant event if a cancer patient could muster the energy to do it. When fighting that C word, there is no extra energy to wipe counters or vacuum. 

Cleaning For A Reason started as an example of customer service mishap. As the Cleaning For A Reason website explains, 

Glen EddinsGlen Eddins“Debbie Sardone, President, and Founder, had the idea to start Cleaning For A Reason years ago when, as the owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service, she had a call with a prospective client who told Debbie, ‘I won’t be able to afford that now; I’m undergoing cancer treatment’ and hung up. Since Debbie had not gotten the woman’s phone number, she was unable to call back to make arrangements and in that instant decided no woman undergoing cancer treatment would ever be turned away by her business. In fact, they would even be offered a free housecleaning service!” Since that beginning moment, Cleaning For A Reason has given an estimated $8,000,000 worth of free cleaning services. When someone has “Beat Cancer” on their to-do list, they still want and need family and friends to visit. They want a clean home to welcome their guests, but sometimes their body won’t cooperate. Let Rescue My Time Cleaning give that gift if you are a woman facing cancer treatments. 

Lisa watched her mom and sister each build her own business and incorporate Cleaning For A Reason in significant ways. When Lisa and her business partner, Glen, retired, they started Rescue My Time Cleaning themselves—in every way. They began as their only employees and did the work as well. The best employers are the ones who truly know the work they ask of their staff. Lisa and Glen were the ones going into homes, doing the cleaning, and getting their hands dirty. They are not above doing the work that needs to be done. That work ethic also fosters respect for every level in their company. Rescue My Time Cleaning strives to be an employer who cares about not only their customers but also their employees. They pay well and on time to ensure their employees feel valued. 

Rescue My Time Cleaning also uses all non-toxic cleaning products that exceed green industry standards. Toxic chemicals can be especially problematic for their weakened, cancer-fighting customers. Heavy scents and chemicals can seem like a direct attack when in the midst of harsh treatments like chemo and radiation. The cleaners that Rescue My Time carefully select-ed have little to no scent but don’t compromise on cleaning action. Of course, if a client requests a specific cleanser that they provide themselves, Rescue My Time will honor that request. However, I would suggest letting your cleaning technician use their chosen products. You may fall in love with a new product and ask to get some for yourself! 

As Lisa, herself describes, “We take pride in our work and our cost. We recognize you will and should shop around. So while we can’t compete with independent type companies, we are competitive, and we stand by our work. This commitment is why we are bonded & insured and do criminal Background Checks on all Cleaning Technicians.” 

All of the services that Rescue My Time offers are top-notch, but the Deluxe Top-to-Bottom House Cleaning is a fantastic spring cleaning option for your home. When you choose this service, your cleaning technician hand-cleans everything, top-to-bottom—moulding, ceiling fans, even inside the microwave! Look for the full list included in this service as well as the service area on the Rescue My Time website. It has been a long, strange winter and an even stranger beginning to spring—get everything feeling back to normal with a deep cleaning for your home. 

For more details or to schedule a free cancer cleaning, visit or call 678-587-5279.