Atlanta Gas Light shares resources to help customers pay their energy bills and prepare for colder weather

As cooler temperatures move in, thermostats go up to keep homes warm and comfortable resulting in higher heating costs due to increased natural gas usage.

To help offset winter heating costs, Atlanta Gas Light offers bill payment assistance resources to eligible customers whose household budgets may not be able to keep up with increased heating demands.
Enrollment for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) opens November 1 for eligible seniors and disabled customers. General enrollment begins December 1. The federal and state-funded grant program provides income-eligible households with monetary relief for their energy bills. Eligibility is based on several factors, including household size and income up to 60% of the state median income, which for a family of four equates to a gross monthly income of $4,243 or less.



To apply for LIHEAP, natural gas customers in Georgia can call 404-657-3427 or visit the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services website for a list of other resources.
Atlanta Gas Light is proud to partner with the following community agencies to assist customers in the communities it serves with bill payments and heating appliance repairs/replacements.
• Heating Energy Assistance Team (H.E.A.T.) – The Georgia Department of Human Services distributes H.E.A.T. funds statewide through local community action agencies. H.E.A.T. funds assist households experiencing a potential loss of energy service or households that need service restored. To learn more about eligibility requirements or donate, log on to  or call 678-406-0212.
• HopeWorks (formerly Resource Service Ministries) – HopeWorks helps households in several Georgia communities with heating appliance repairs and replacements. For more information, call 404-872-0167 or visit 

• Project SHARE – Project SHARE provides emergency bill-payment assistance to individuals and families facing a temporary crisis that threatens their home. For more information, call 
1.800.257.4273 or visit

• Senior Discount Program – Atlanta Gas Light will provide eligible senior citizens with a discount of $14 a month on their natural gas bills. The monthly discount is reflected on the bill they receive from their natural gas provider. For more information on eligibility and to apply, customers can visit

• United Way – Customers can call United Way’s 2-1-1 number to be connected to agencies in their area that can assist them with paying their natural gas bill and getting help for other basic needs.

These energy-saving tips can help customers become more energy efficient to save on energy costs during the winter heating season.
• Installing a programmable thermostat - Customers can set the temperature in their home while they are away and increase the temperature when they return.

• Sealing windows and leaks with weather-stripping - For homes with attic access, customers should make sure attic doors are insulated and sealed tight and use weather-stripping and screen door latches for a snug seal.

• Covering vents – Covering vents helps keep cold air out of basement or crawl spaces. Foundation vents can keep floors warmer and heating bills lower.

• Installing a water heater jacket cover – These types of covers can help decrease the cost of heating water by preventing energy loss.
For other ways to save, visit: