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128 Favorite Baby Names Inspired by the Seasons in 2020

Fall 2020 has begun and more parents than ever are naming children after the seasons. While names like Summer are popular (78,000 since 1879), others like Sakura (1,000 since 1879) which is a Japanese Cherry Blossom, offer expecting parents more unique options.

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Quail Hunt

Hunters can apply for four scheduled youth quail quota hunts that will take place on land managed for bobwhite quail, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD). These hunts are made possible by generous private landowners that participate in Georgia’s Bobwhite Quail Initiative.

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Caleb Bonds First Deer Youth Week 2019

Venison burgers, venison chili, venison jerky…If you have been looking for a way to “beef” up that freezer stockpile, go for the venison instead! The Georgia deer firearms season opens Sat., Oct. 17 and continues through Jan. 10, 2021 statewide.

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