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Dr. Katherine Kahn of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visits local school

The GAC community was blessed to have a visit by Dr. Katherine Kahn of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A proud aunt of several of our students, Dr. Kahn spent time with our Elementary Environmental Learning classes and several of our AP classes focused on the sciences. 

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Stone Mountain Barbershop Chorus Show Features “Music Man Songbook”

Veterans Day week is the perfect time to honor those who have served in our nation’s armed forces.  It is also the time for the annual Stone Mountain Chorus Fall Show program, which treats our audience to the best in four-part harmony in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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Lynn Bowman

Lynn Bowman sits at a heavy wooden table, his glasses set low on his nose as he peruses a document that’s probably older than he is. He is surrounded by tomes, old and fragile. Across from where he sits is a floor-to-ceiling glass case, chock full of memorabilia, photos of people long dead, letters written ages ago.

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