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Brookwood HS raises big bucks for charity

Spearheaded by its Student Government Association (SGA) and school administration, Brookwood High School established the “Brookwood 100K Challenge” to encourage its student organizations to raise a collective $100,000 for charities during the 2014-2015 school year.

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RUSH R40 Tour...for the generations
By Beth Volpert Johansen

RUSH fans are extraordinarily obsessed. It is evident in the waves of show shirts from concerts past worn by current concert goers displaying an impressive history of their amazing journey through four decades of progressive rock.

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Lanier High School and South Gwinnett High School took the top two spots in the statewide Get There Green competition sponsored by the Clean Air Campaign. The contest asked students to create schoolwide green transportation plans. Lanier High took top honors in the competition, while South Gwinnett High placed 2nd.

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