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Charlotte J. Nash | Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

When Gage Bryant was 13 years old, he fell in with some older kids who were in and out of trouble. One night, the group was involved in a robbery in which an elderly couple was killed. Gage didn’t commit the murder but he was arrested, charged and convicted as an accessory. He received a 35-year sentence, but it might as well have been a life sentence. His future looked bleak.

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Gwinnett Citizen News

The team at Platinum Educational Group understands the struggles and obstacles that are presented to students obtaining higher education in the healthcare industries. In 2015, Platinum Educational Group launched its inaugural scholarships program geared at Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students.

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The theme: "Get Ready to Travel Japan- Olympics 2020!"

Experience Japan like never before at this year's JapanFest Atlanta! Our 33rd JapanFest this year is all about "traveling" to Japan to enjoy the traditions, natural beauty, and pop culture of the nation that is hosting the 2020 Olympics!

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