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Madison Electric Locates in Duluth

Duluth, Georgia - Welcome to Duluth! Madison Electric has made 2605 North Berkley Lake Road their new home.
To celebrate the new location, an all-day celebration took place on March 26th, featuring tours, product demonstrations and a visit from the #11 FedEx NASCAR and racing experts. Madison Electric President Brad Wiandt said the move to Duluth made a lot of sense due to the proximity to major highways as well as other beneficial factors.  

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VetBuds Comes To Lawrenceville and Gwinnett

Vetbuds is now hosting a meeting for veterans and veteran support groups located in the Lawrenceville/Gwinnett area. The mission of the VetBuds organization is to provide support for our military veterans, our active duty personnel, and to support other local veteran and troop-related groups and activities.

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Loganville dog who made Milk-Bone's 2015 list of “Dogs Who Changed the World.”
By Staff Reports

For Loganville resident Ericka Sutton, golden retriever Paisley is so much more than a pet.  She helps Ericka, who is confined to a wheelchair, with difficult daily activities and serves as an ambassador to educate the Loganville community about people with special needs. 

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