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On January 6, 2015 my fellow board members and I adopted Gwinnett County’s 2015 Budget. We’re planning to invest about $1.42 billion to operate County services and build new capital facilities for all Gwinnett residents in 2015.

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Denise Smith, founder of Peace of Thread is shown among the many bags available to help support women with a substantive job

Four years ago, Denise Smith had just returned from six years with her husband and their jobs in Beirut. Life in Lebanon had left her feeling out of place back in Georgia.

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Kathryn Holland showing the proper height to test with a radon kit from UGA
How healthy is your home?
Radon is the silent killer
Gwinnett is in the highest potential zone for household radon levels...

Written by:  Morgan L. Barnett, UGA Radon Educator for UGA Extension Nutrition and Health Newsletter – September 2013; adapted by Kathryn Holland December 2014

Did you know your home could be filled with an invisible radioactive gas called Radon? Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the decay of uranium found in most rocks and soil.

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President of GPB (left), Teya Ryan, state winner Sean Tackett, Senior Director of United Way of Greater Atlanta (right), Louis Negrón.
Stop the Drop... video competition
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Stop the Drop is an initiative created by Georgia Public Broadcasting that is dedicated to preventing high school dropouts. Currently, Georgia’s graduation rate is less than 70 percent, well below the national average.

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Dr. Benjamin Abraham

Gwinnett County’s Family Practice Physician of the Year!

Long time Gwinnett physician Dr. Benjamin Abraham was named 2014 Family Practice Physician of the Year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce at their recent Healthcare Excellence Awards Banquet.

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