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Happy 102nd Birthday Ivy Morgan

On December 12, Ivy Morgan, Grayson area resident, celebrates her 102nd birthday with friends and family at a big dinner party, complete with birthday cake and music, hosted by Loganville Legacy Lions Club.  Ivy grew up in London with father Charles, a taxi driver, mother Ada, a waitress, and younger brother Leslie. 

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Trader J's Auction - Christmas is here!

Trader J’s Auction is more than just an auction house, it’s a family of caring and generous people who support local charities throughout the year and especially at Christmas time.  This year the auction will be open again to homeless and needy families from Lawrenceville and Jenkins Elementary schools and the Villa Lodge in Lawrenceville for Christmas shopping. 

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A rendering of the mixed use proposal for new life in Lilburn

Awakening Lilburn... a new city
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Lilburn Mayor Johnny Crist is perhaps the city’s most enthusiastic cheerleader among a staff who appear to be genuinely excited over the changes being made to their sleepy town. Over the course of many years, Lilburn has been left behind in terms of economic development.

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Snellville PD reaches out to community with social media
By Carole Townsend

SNELLVILLE – “Hashtags.” “Likes.” “Posts.” Snellville Capt. Greg Perry throws these words around with as much savvy as a middle schooler might, and that’s pretty high praise. Perry, Capt. Carey Robert, Sgt. David Matson and even police chief Roy Whitehead are posting, liking and sharing information on Facebook. The good part?

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Give one last gift this holiday season with a blood donation

The American Red Cross encourages eligible blood donors to give one last gift this holiday season and discover the true meaning of giving by donating blood. 

Busy holiday schedules and seasonal illnesses, like the flu, can often mean fewer donors giving blood. But for patients with cancer or other illnesses or injuries requiring blood transfusions, the need for blood is constant and doesn’t get a holiday break. The gift of a blood donation only takes about an hour and can give patients a chance to celebrate more holidays to come.

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