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University of Ga Meat and Science
By John L. Byrwa 

The next time you visit your local grocery store and purchase meat, be it beef, pork or lamb, know that past and present students at the University of Georgia played a significant role in ensuring the quality, safety and packaging of that product. Thanks to the staff and students at the UGA’s Meat Science and Technology Center in Athens, the meat production industry gains invaluable educational and production practice knowledge that result in the highest-quality and safest products available.

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Students take the mock water crisis scenario very seriously and prepare to respond as a team. 
Central Gwinnett - Solving problems in the real world
By Beth Volpert

Imagine the chaos of a city in the midst of a serious water crisis. Imagine that city is right here in Gwinnett County. A very serious water crisis is the exact scenario of the first Project Based Learning opportunity presented by Central Gwinnett administrators and Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson to the students who are enrolled in Central Gwinnett’s Five Academies.

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Volunteer Dee Wilson
Volunteer Gwinnett surpasses million hour goal
for volunteers

Program Offers Opportunities for Citizens to Volunteer
and to Learn
By Phylecia D Wilson

As a Human Resources employee for a large international firm in the Philippines, Dee Wilson had worked in human resources organizing annual health and wellness fairs for 2000 employees. But after a fruitless job search following moving to the US and settling in Gwinnett with her new husband, Wilson still wanted something to do in her spare time.

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Christmas Love Box
Peace, love and joy... the real gems 
By Beth Volpert

Leaving a loving legacy defines Christine Martinello. Over the years, without her realizing it, she was developing the kind of good leadership and parenting skills that naturally show her love for her family and the natural extension of that love to those she meets. From those meetings come the gems of peace, love and joy that everyone needs. 

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