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Amanda G. Pilz, PT, Promotion Therapy

The car turned left quickly, not noticing the motorcycle coming at 60+ mph in the oncoming lane.  The head-on collision sent me flying 200 feet through the air, breaking nearly every bone on the left side of my body. The helicopter ride was quick, but the recovery seemed like an eternity.

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The shoreline of Lake Lanier off Laurel Park in 2001 showing the top rows  of the old concrete grandstand of Looper Speedway. Special Photo

From out of Habersham it comes, stretching between the cracks and crevices of the North Georgia mountains like an uneven pane of mirrored glass, some twenty-six miles long and covering almost 47 miles of original riverbed, reflecting back the sky and hiding its precious secrets from all who try to pry.

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 On June 23, 2013 Team Grayson won the 2013 USSSA 14U AAA Final Four Georgia State Championship by first winning the State Championship - Northeast Region tournament, which qualified the team for the Final Four State Championship tournament, where they went undefeated. Team Grayson is currently ranked by USSSA as the #1 team in Georgia and the #2 team in the Nation in 14U AAA (out of 962 teams), with an overall record of 26-3. Head Coach: Mike Knight Asst Coaches: Eddie Sims, Billy Ray and Russell Greenway. Players: (Front Row) Riley Knight, Hunter Burnett, Tyler McKelvey, Seth Ray, Nick Clarno, (Back Row) Matthew Greenway, Donald Perteet, Davis Ray, Connor Sims, Austin Nash, Akira Mitchell, Tyreese Johnson and Payton Shaddix.

Enroll Today for Georgia's Pre-K Program at BellBrook and Rosebud Child Development Centers

Enroll Today for Georgia's Pre-K Program at BellBrook
and Rosebud Child Development Centers BellBrook

bellbrooklogo190BellBrook Child Development Center and Rosebud Child Development Center is the vision of Teresa Tant, a resident of Grayson, Georgia who has one huge heart for children in multiple locations.

At BellBrook CDC and Rosebud CDC, we are committed to providing each child a safe, healthy and fun environment to look forward to each day. Children are our first priority

We believe that early care and learning is important to children and can help make a positive difference later in their lives

BellBrook and Rosebud staff understands that children develop and learn at their own pace, and they have individual interests. Our hands-on curriculum and daily classroom schedules allow the children time for small and large group activities, social interactions, fine and gross motor skill development and their constant need to be challenged as they are learning and having fun.

Children can choose from a variety of age-appropriate activities including art, music, story time, language development, math, science, dramatic play and outside playground activities including a water park.

Children independence, self-esteem, self-confidence and skills needed to solve problems develop as they choose and plan their activities each day. As we work with the “whole child” each day, we strive to offer them experiences and activities that stimulate them and making learning fun.

Our center offers parents an “Open-Door Policy”. We provide communication through daily activity sheets, parent memos, planned activity calendars, newsletters special events and e-mail. We strive to maintain a partnership with our parents and encourage them to get involved with their child’s classroom. BellBrook CDC and Rosebud CDC are safe and secure. Classrooms and playground are monitored by closed circuit cameras and we provide two secure entry doors with magnetic locks and key pads codes. Our playground areas are fenced and locked to provide further security.

The staff members are trained in First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety and Nutrition. Staff members are required to participate in continued education classes each year to stay abreast of current changes and new implementations in early childhood development.

Come by and see why we are “DIFFERENT”

BellBrook Child Development Center
3155 Sugarloaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Rosebud Child Development Center
550 Grayson Parkway
Grayson, GA 30017

Choosing to share a personal story is sometimes a courageous decision. Homelessness has been a recurring topic in the past several months with a near daily call to attention by various service organizations within Gwinnett County. The reasons vary, sometimes it is a domestic issue, sometimes it is transportation, and sometimes it is illness, but what it rarely seems to be is anything short of a last resort. Leaving your home, your children’s toys, clothes and food behind might seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is real. It is a reality each and every day here in Gwinnett. 

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