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The Cornerstone building in downtown Lawrenceville got a head start at the city's "Light Lawrenceville Blue". The neighborhood had 100 percent participation with every resident and local businesses NovoLogic and Cornerstone CoWorking supporting the effort.

Once the residents at Cornerstone caught word of the initiative, it spread — like blue wildfire. Everyone at the 279 West Crogan Street “Cornerstone building” wanted to participate.

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 “I always wanted to be a teacher. I believe it’s something I was born to do. I love helping others . . ., especially young people, and I have a heart for their plight of growing up.  I guess that’s the counselor in me,” said Carol Wood, CEO and Founder of Total Learning Concepts.

Carol Wood has seen it all when it comes to learning styles. With each student who comes to her tutorial and test preparation business, she aims to create a program to cultivate their unique learning style.

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The City of Peachtree Corners designed their 21-acre Town Center as a mixed-use development. Allowing for a blending of residential and commercial uses, the Town Green was created to be a pedestrian-friendly living space where residents can shop, eat and play.

“With the turning of this switch, I dedicate this city’s new Town Green,” said Mike Mason, Mayor of the City of Peachtree Corners.

As the mayor’s speech ended, a fountain bubbled high into the air and children rushed into the water, splashing as they ran.

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