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Tracey L. Wells | Your Local Farmers Agent

Yuck! You just came home to about two to three inches of bilge on your floor. It smells horrible and what do you do? Is it automatically covered by your homeowners policy?

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Ms.Dorothy Maxey - now.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Matthew 6:33KJV

Civil Rights Soldiers are not always easy to spot. For instance, Mississippians had their Fannie Lou Hamer, Co-Founder, and Vice-Chair of the Freedom Democratic Party. Alabama had Rosa Parks, sitting on the front seat of a bus! Washington, D. C. had Dorothy Height, American Educator. New York had House Representative Shirley Chisholm! And Lawrenceville, Georgia has Dorothy Gholston Maxey, this unsung Progressive Entrepreneur!

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Mary Frazier Long and Stas Preczewski were recognized by the Lawrenceville Lions Club.

“Whenever I call him, he comes! No job is too small or too large; Stas is totally reliable and can always be counted on!” Pete Stamsen, Membership Chairman effusively affirmed Dr. Stanley ‘Stas’ Preczewski! Pete eagerly continued, “Stas is just a great guy … an awesome person … he’s important to the Lawrenceville community, instrumental to Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) and invaluable to the Lions Club!”

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“Mingle” by Nancy Alhabashi is an art collection that depicts flashy parties in the style of The Great Gatsby.

An expressive art exhibit at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

“Mingle”— an expressive art exhibit at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse Many know Nancy Alhabashi as the owner of Nancy’s Candy located on the square in downtown Lawrenceville, but her close acquaintances know she’s also an artist and a poet. 

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If Jerry Clower, American stand-up Comedian, could be nicknamed “The Mouth of Mississippi” then Mary Frazier Long can be known as “The Comedic Historian!” Most Comics will tell you that it’s difficult to make people laugh — but to get folks laughing and teach history! Mary can be described as a mixture of, Larry the Cable Guy, Lily Tomlin, Ron White, Carol Burnette just to name a few.

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