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Lopez Home Rises from Ashes to Star in Lilburn Christmas Tour of Homes

The Lilburn Woman's Club is delighted to announce the addition of the Lopez Home on Tom Smith Road to the Christmas Tour of Homes on December 1st. This 7800 square foot home tragically burned to the ground in November 2009, several months after its completion.

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What is a flood and do you need insurance coverage for it? It is an inundation of tidal waters or overflows over normally dry land areas.

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In each of the escape rooms at Netherworld, players must work together to solve the clues on time. Anywhere from four to eight players might play at once.

Netherworld Haunted House open through November 4th at new location

This Halloween season, the recently relocated Netherworld Haunted House will be spookier than ever with elaborate new sets and sinister background stories. Guests can also enjoy additional activities including three escape rooms, activity rooms and expanded free parking.

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