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 The staff at United Community Bank in Snellville. (L-R) Chris Lee, Kathleen Knight, Tami Rhine, Amber Bowman, Rae Merck, Nathan Umberg and Snellville Branch Manager Ginger Kilman (Center).

It seems that there is a bank on every street corner in Gwinnett County; deciding which bank to choose can be overwhelming. Some customers choose a bank with convenient locations. Others choose based on recommendations from friends or family members. Still others select a bank based on introductory offers made to new customers.

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CarlinVision Doctors, Michael A. DeRosa MD, Melanie Bennett-Sims MD, David Carlin MD, Richard Carlin MD, Blake Thornhill OD, Allison R Tyler MD, and Michael Willman DO.

When Dr. Richard Carlin opened his door for patients for the first time in 1977, the entire practice was two people: Richard and the receptionist, Linda. Forty years later, the Carlin Vision practice employs about 60 people, including seven doctors, and there is a surgery center as well as an impressive free-standing office building.

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A snapshot of Brett Bramble on his 2016 Walk from Lewes, Delaware to San Francisco

Lilburn Man Walks Across America for Addiction Awareness

Brett Bramble grew up in Lilburn in a big family full of lots of love. In middle school, he fell into the wrong crowd and started using. By 17 he was in trouble with the law and ultimately went to jail. It was there, at 20 years old, that he made the decision to get clean and not let drugs define his life anymore.

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Gordon Strauss and his birdhouses

With Thanksgiving on our heals, we try to hold on to that atmosphere of gratitude and be thankful for what we have in our lives. But it is not a far leap to assert that most of us do not acknowledge how good we have it on a day-to-day basis. During the holidays we try to increase our giving to those who seem to be in need.

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