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Gordon Strauss and his birdhouses

With Thanksgiving on our heals, we try to hold on to that atmosphere of gratitude and be thankful for what we have in our lives. But it is not a far leap to assert that most of us do not acknowledge how good we have it on a day-to-day basis. During the holidays we try to increase our giving to those who seem to be in need.

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Celebrating Graduation Day in Veterans Court (L-R) Judge Carla Brown, Gwinnett State Court, Rosanna Szabo, Melvin J. Everson, State Representative David Clark, Ron Goodbub, and Mrs. Georgia, Melanie Gossett Caceres.

Only veterans’ first names are used in this article, to protect their privacy.

Judge Carla Brown stands in the middle of her courtroom this Thursday afternoon. She’s smiling and calling defendants by name, asking about their health, their families, and their general well-being.

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Sandra and Clyde Strickland speak at the dedication.

Most people find it challenging to let science and faith coexist. Science demands tangible proof, and faith only exists without it. Often those with the most sincere faith do not feel called to pursue science. Likewise, those who gravitate toward science seem to be frustrated by impalpable faith.

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Brenda Bedingfield (Center) with friends Sue Briscoe (Left) and Starr Hendrick (Right) enjoy an afternoon at Brenda’s home with Christmas cheer.

There’s never any doubt on Ethridge Road in Auburn that the Christmas season has arrived thanks to Brenda Bedingfield. Christmas abounds at her house and is a source of great joy and cheer for many.

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