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Location for Snellville labyrinth chosen

Location for Snellville labyrinth chosen

SNELLVILLE – An area of mediation in the form of a labyrinth will soon be located between the city’s Veterans Memorial and cemetery.

“The Snellville Arts Commission had made it known that they would like to have a labyrinth in one of the parks in the city,” said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts. “After the Veterans Memorial was dedicated talks began about finishing the area around the memorial as a veteran’s park. I approached the arts commission about their willingness to construct the labyrinth in that area as it would seem appropriate as a meditative spot located near the memorial as well as the cemetery.”

The plan worked fine for SAC officials, who agreed.

Now the effort is under way to fund the $6,000 structure designed to let visitors walk peacefully on a crushed slate pathway and have it built by spring on City Hall grounds.

“Because labyrinths are used outside of cemeteries, people walk off their grief,” said SAC Secretary Judy Leavell, who has worked with Dr. Lauren Artress, the leading authority on labyrinths, at Chartes, France. “I think it will give the area an aura of peacefulness but at the same time children love labyrinths. There is something about that focus of looking down and staying on the path that calms your mind.”

Leavell and BeBe Gibson who has built labyrinths before, who will head up the project.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is meant to be used as a meditation tool and they are often found outside churches and hospitals. There are labyrinths outside of Gwinnett Medical Center and Gwinnett Tech, Leavell said. The labyrinth is not meant to confuse walkers like a corn maze, but instead give them a winding path on which to contemplate. Walkers who reach the center can choose to sit on a bench. 

The proposed labyrinth for Snellville would be a seven-circuit model, or a Classical Greek structure, 30 to 36 feet in diameter. There would be no walls on the path, but a wall is being considered to block traffic noise on Highway 78, Leavell said.

For more information on how to donate or sponsor the project contact Leavell at

For more information on labyrinths visit Artress’ website at