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Loganville dog who made Milk-Bone’s 2015 list of “Dogs Who Changed the World.”

Loganville dog who made Milk-Bone's 2015 list of “Dogs Who Changed the World.”
By Staff Reports

For Loganville resident Ericka Sutton, golden retriever Paisley is so much more than a pet.  She helps Ericka, who is confined to a wheelchair, with difficult daily activities and serves as an ambassador to educate the Loganville community about people with special needs. 

Now when people look at Ericka, they don’t first see her wheelchair; they see a woman and a dog with a remarkable relationship.Paisley2190

Paisley’s resourcefulness is no accident.  She is a “top-dog” graduate of the Canine Assistants school, which trains high-functioning service dogs to be the Michael Jordans and Mother Teresas of the canine world.
Paisley was one of nine dogs chosen by Milk-Bone brand dog treats after a nation-wide search to uncover the four-legged heroes who enrich the lives of people with illnesses or disabilities.  Paisley’s unique skills include:
Opening doors for Ericka, literally and figuratively!

Comforting Ericka when she is alone

Showing off her wooferful fashion sense (Paisley can often be seen sporting bows in her fur)

For more on the Georgia-based Canine Assistants program and Loganville’s own Canine Assistants hero, I would be happy to schedule an interview for you with the organization’s founders, Jennifer and Gary Arnold.  Not only are they experts in dog behavior and training, but with support from Milk-Bone they have placed over 1,500 hero dogs with deserving families across the U.S.

In addition, Milk-Bone has created a special “Hero Dog Card” (aka “a doggie baseball card”) to recognize Paisley’s extraordinary achievements.

For additional information about the Canine Assistants program and its partnership with Milk-Bone, please see this link: