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Lovin celebrates 10 years of education

On September 30, 2016, Lovin Elementary celebrated its ten-year anniversary of being one of the best Gwinnett County elementary schools! 

During these 10 years, Lovin has done amazing things throughout the school year and even during the summers.

Lovin Elementary School, Lawrenceville, GA

lovin2190Left: Left to Right: Dr. Jeff Lovin, Elizabeth Lovin and Laurie Allison.

Almost every week there is something to do before or after school such as Chorus club, Chess club, Lego club, Readers rally, Movie night, Costume balls, International Night, Science fairs, and many more. Also, during the summers, the school involves itself with the Gwinnett Public Libraries and draws students to participate in daily reading activities. With all of the wonderful things Lovin Elementary does for the community, it rightfully deserved an anniversary celebration. 

At this milestone event, there were many special people; Mrs. Elizabeth Lovin, who was the wife of Mr. Edwin Lovin, who the school was named after, his son, Dr. Jeff Lovin, his daughter, Mrs. LeAndra Love Lovin and Laurie Allison, who was the first principal, Dr. Janet Blanchet, the current principal, faculty, students and their parents. The person who the school was named after, Mr. Edwin Lovin was an educator at Dacula High School and Central Gwinnett High School for years until he joined the Board of Education. Mr. Lovin loved dealing with education and helping kids of the community. LeAndra Lovin explained that Tammy Snider helped bring up the idea to have the school named after Mr. Lovin. After gaining awareness throughout the community, Tammy helped lead the voters make the naming of the school possible. Mrs. Snider chose Mr. Lovin because of what he did for the community and Gwinnett’s education. His son, Dr. Jeff Lovin, a dentist in Snellville with his wife, Dr. Deborah Coker, explained that his father was a humble man and if he were to see this, his father would be very humbled to see what a great school it is. LeAndra, who was a teacher, also stated that her father would have been proud to have been there. 

lovin1 190Right: Left to Right: LeAndra Lovin Love, Dr. Janet Blanchet, Dr. Jeff Lovin and Elizabeth Lovin.

The whole Lovin family was very happy to be there, hugging the children, shaking hands with parents, taking pictures, and participating in the aerial photo, spelling out the word Lovin. The letters were made of the faculty, students, parents, Dr. Blanchet, in addition, the dot of the exclamation was made up of the Lovin family. It was done by an airplane and still took five passes to get the picture right, due to the fact, that there were so many people there wanting to be a part of this moment. Even this was a courtesy that the pilot (Cathy Lewan) did it to help celebrate the anniversary. 

Doctor Blanchet (also known as Dr. B by her students) is the current principal and has been for the last six years, was all smiles that night. She was so proud that this celebration came together and that so many people attended. Dr. Blanchet has done a number of things like Mr. Lovin. She was a technology coordinator, an Assistant Principal, and a math director for Gwinnett County before she became a principal. Dr.B has said that it’s a great feeling when students past and present notice her when she out with her family. Also, because people love to come back and enjoy their community. Lovin is truly a sophisticated and exquisitely wonderful school. The teachers are top of the line, the students are lovely young people and the faculty make everything worthwhile. 

Thank you, Lovin Elementary for making Gwinnett great and keep at it for another 10 years. 

Julie Rizzo is a recent graduate of Archer High School in Lawrenceville. She is currently attending GGC.