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Maddie Waters debuts art in Grayson

Maddie Waters debuts art in Grayson
By Beth Volpert Johansen    

There is no doubt that Mrs. Flora Cox, the last resident to occupy the little white house located in downtown Grayson before it became the Grayson Art and History Center, would have welcomed the lovely young artist, Maddie Waters into her home and offered her cookies and lemonade.

Photos by Virginia Johansen

Instead, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the young artist herself welcomed her friends and family into the former Kennerly-Cox House to enjoy her very first art exhibit and offered them cookies and lemonade. 

Maddie is just 10 years old and a student at Grayson Elementary School where her love of art and her talent are noticed, not just by her teachers, but by her peers as well. “I think her art is good,” says Maddie’s friend, Ronny Lenzy. “My friends like it too, especially the anime characters, they look exactly like the cards.” 

maddie4ret190Left: Maddie Waters surrounded by her artwork in the Grayson Arts & History Center

Of course, her parents, Denise and Greg Waters are proud of Maddie. They smiled each time the door opened as more family, friends and neighbors came through the door to view Maddie’s work and purchase prints or cards. “When she was little, we did lots of projects to feed her creative side,” says Denise. “She started taking lessons at Cobble Creek Studios in Snellville when she was 6.” Additionally, Maddie takes lessons in the summer in a variety of mediums, but colored pencil is her love. 

Some of her favorite subjects are cats. It is the painting of one particularly vibrant kitty that got the attention of her teacher, Mrs. Umans and Gail Lane of the Art and History Center. “We hope to feature other young artists in the future,” says Lane. “Giving them an opportunity to show their work is a part of the learning process.” maddie3ret190

Right: Landscape by Maddie Waters

Continuing to move forward into the learning process is high on Maddie’s list. As early as preschool, Maddie showed artistic talent. “I love drawing,” says Maddie. “It is my passion.” In addition to cats and characters, Maddie has some big dreams for her future. “I would love to design characters for Disney one day,” says Maddie. “But you never know what will come in the future-but it will definitely have something to do with art!” 

*Photos by Virginia Johansen