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Mayor Kautz announces pregnancy

Mayor Kelly Kautz and her husband, Robb, are thrilled to announce that they are expecting a baby boy at the end of the year. This will be their first child.

Mayor Kautz is expected to give birth at Eastside Hospital, a Snellville based hospital with a Level III NICU that has been delivering babies for over thirty years.

As the first female mayor of Snellville, Mayor Kautz will be the first mayor in Snellville and it is believed Gwinnett County to give birth while holding office. When asked how being pregnant will affect her role as mayor, Mayor Kautz responded “Being pregnant will not prevent me from performing any of the responsibilities of mayor. As million of other women I am and will simply be a working mom. I am actually very fortunate to have this position during this time.”

For more information you may contact the Mayor’s office at