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Meet Drs. Heigerick and Rampersad of Beaver Ruin Primary Care

As a longtime Gwinnett resident and area physician, Dr. Craig Heigerick is enjoying his new affiliation with DeKalb Medical and the opportunity to broaden his care within and near the Beaver Ruin community. “I’ve been in Lilburn for 30 years, practicing primary care medicine on my own in a solo practice.

Dr. Daryl Rampersad

A year or so ago, I sold my private practice to DeKalb Medical’s Physician Group and it’s been really great for me and my patients,” said (Glenn) Craig Heigerick, D.O., lead physician at Beaver Ruin Primary Care. 

Dr. Heigerick says two things really stand out for him in terms of making such a big move. “Because of DeKalb Medical’s depth in specialty practices, I can often get my patients to a specialist the same day or the next day after I see them.  As a private practitioner, when I provided referrals to my patients, it could take months for them to be seen by a specialty care physician.  This system is much better for my patients, particularly the older ones whose conditions may be more critical,” he said.
Heigerick Craig190

Left: Dr Craig Heigerick

Secondly, Heigerick is enjoying the interaction he has with his new practice partner, Dr. Daryl Rampersad.  “After I got my feet wet within the new practice, the first thing I wanted to do was hire a partner. In addition to top medical skills and qualifications, I wanted a partner with youth and humility and I found that in Dr. Rampersad. Our patients benefit from the latest medical advances he has more recently learned about in medical school, and from him being able to bounce treatment plans off a more seasoned physician like me. I never thought I’d enjoy having a partner as much as I do!”

“We are very focused on working with our patients of all ages to help them create and maintain good health. This requires a collaborative effort with each of them. We strongly believe that health is not generic, it’s very personal and that is what we hope to provide here at Beaver Ruin, very personalized healthcare,” said Dr. Heigerick. “I’m thrilled that our affiliation with DeKalb Medical makes that happen.”

Drs. Heigerick and Rampersad are accepting new patients. To contact Beaver Ruin Primary Care, call 770.935.8616. The office is located at 615 Beaver Ruin Road NW, Ste. B, Lilburn, GA 30047.