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Meet Drs. Rafique and Naib of Snellville Physician Associates

One of the newest DeKalb Medical Physician Group practices, Snellville Physician Associates, boasts the skill and experience of two physicians who have been caring for patients for many years in their previous practice, the New Snellville Clinic.

Meet Drs. Rafique and Naib of Snellville Physician Associates

Shahid Rafique, M.D. and Shazia Naib, M.D., are both internal medicine specialists. 

Rafique Shahid190Right: Dr. Rafique

Q: Why did you select internal medicine as your specialty?

Dr. Rafique: “Since graduating from medical college in 1977, I have had an opportunity to work in several areas, such as gastroenterology, infectious disease, rheumatology and pain management, before they were considered specialties.  My general internal medicine training gave me an opportunity to put all of those skills and knowledge into practice. I could not do that if I were to select a specialty.” 

Q:  What is the most personally satisfying aspect of your profession?

Dr. Rafique: “The most satisfying aspect of my practice is when patients come in and discuss their most personal problems with me. I am humbled by their trust and faith in me.”

Dr. Naib: “It is exciting to see a patient two weeks after a diagnosis and treatment, and notice improvement in their health. It is very satisfying to know that you’ve made a difference in your patient’s life.”

Q: What advice do you give patients most often?

Dr. Rafique: “Medicines are not the answer to every health problem. If you eat less, walk, exercise more and engage in some gainful activity, you will be healthier.” 

Q: You take the time to visit some patients at home and to volunteer at a free clinic. What is your motivation for doing this?

Dr. Rafique: “I believe the skill given to me by God is a gift that should to be available to whoever needs me. Homebound patients are most often neglected, so I try to do my share. I wish I could do more home calls and voluntary work, but there are only 24 hours in a day!”

Naib Shazia 190Left: Dr. Naib

Q: What advice do you give patients most often?

Dr. Naib: “Good health requires teamwork – a physician and patient working together to meet goals. A doctor may recommend losing weight to improve health, but success requires the patient’s commitment and the doctor’s encouragement.” 

Q: Some of your specialty training is in geriatric medicine. How has this helped you prepare for the unique needs of older patients?

Dr. Naib: “I plan extra time to educate older patients and their family members about their health, their medications and other treatments. Medications are critical to understand because they have different effects on older patients than younger patients. Building a strong care team that understands the patient’s needs – a team that includes doctors, patients and family members – is important.”

Need a Doctor?  Shahid Rafique, M.D. and Shazia Naib, M.D. are accepting new patients. To contact Snellville Physician Associates, call 770.736.1735.  The office is located at 2331 Henry Clower Blvd., Suite A, Snellville, GA 30078.