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Miracles of Massage delivers results

Miracles of Massage delivers results
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Stepping through the door at Miracles of Massage transports clients into a warm, peaceful calm. The serene atmosphere is the perfect setting for the healing that comes through the skilled hands of two massage therapists who value the precious well-being of their clients.

MESSAGEA190Partners, Regina Howe, with 19 years experience, and Brandie Mitchell, with 12 years experience, are both skilled and Licensed Massage Therapists. The pair have been business partners for 12 years during which time they have been repeatedly nominated and voted Best of Gwinnett, most recently for 2015.

Both Regina and Brandie have many clients who have willingly provided testimony to support their favorite healers. “My clients are my priority,” says Regina. “Helping them heal, to feel better and healthier is what I was created to do and gives me so much satisfaction.” Brandie also loves what she does. “It’s what I do,” says Brandie. “It’s a talent that God has given to me and I use it and I love it!” Both Regina and Brandie feel strongly that they have been given a great gift from God. “We pray daily for God to bring us people who are hurting and for Him to work thru us to help them,“ says Regina.

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To the pair’s delight, their clients were able to give back to Regina and Brandie in a big way this past year. Miracles of Massage was nominated and received outstanding support in the form of testimonials from many of their clients. From chiropractors and athletes to those suffering autoimmune disorders and a polio survivor, Regina and Brandie are confident in their techniques to relieve pain, stress, and symptoms of a variety of ailments. 

Right: Brandie Mitchell Licenced Massage Therapist LMT#MT004126

“I have been to so many massage therapists over the last 25 years and no one compares to Regina. I started going to her a year ago and I truly believe she is the reason I am able to move.” Cathy

“Brandie listened and then treated my specific needs. The weekly massage therapy with Brandie has dramatically increased my quality of life.” Windy

“Regina is very knowledgeable in her field and she clearly takes a real interest in each of her clients.  I confidently refer patients to her for excellent massage care.” Robert T. Bolen, DC

“I first went to Miracles of Massage for work on some trouble spots, but it quickly became part of my routine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Within minutes, Brandie is able to zero in on the areas that need attention and work her magic. Christopher

190Mircles of Massage Lawrenceville 14Left: Regina Howe, Licenced Massage Therapist, LMT#MT004268

With his golf game on the line and recovery from shoulder, wrist and knee surgeries, Clyde Strickland calls Miracles of Massage “A True Miracle”. “When it comes to my golf game, it is better than buying a new driver or a new club,” says Clyde. “They have added yardage to my golf drives through my motion and movement…and shoot my age over 30 times!”

A massage from Regina or Brandie is, as the name implies, miraculous. If one could possibly be “ironed out” and given relief with a loving touch combined with hot stones and healing lotions, these girls can do the job. Throughout a session, these therapists use skill and intuition to “find” the troubled places in the intricate structure of muscles and joints. “We focus on a person’s issues,” says Regina. “When our tissue sits in its own ‘waste’ and regenerates from that toxic state we are unhealthy-we get deep into the issues in their tissues to get rid of that waste so the client is able to regenerate from a healthier cellular state in their tissue.”  

Brandie and Regina offer a variety of massage techniques. Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Sports and Clinical, Cranial Integration Therapy and Reflexology are some of the techniques used at Miracles of Massage.

440Mircles of Massage Lawrenceville 91As with any therapy, commitment from the therapist and the client is key.  “Consistency is so important to build integrity in the tissue,” says Regina. “Some clients are able to handle more pressure than others, it depends on each individual tolerance level, but we work hard to get them to a healthier place each session.” Knowing each patient, finding a good balance, and restoring health is of highest importance for the therapists. “It is about helping hurting people, relieving and taking pain away from the body!” says Brandie. ‘It is truly amazing to see results from people from the time they walk in the door to when they leave.’

440SIGNHumbled by the words written by their clients on their behalf and knowing that their clients support their designation as The Best of Gwinnett in Massage Therapy means the world to them. “Reading their words brought tears to my eyes,” says Regina. “I am blessed to be able to bring relief and comfort to my clients.” Brandie agrees. “Regina and I are the dynamic duo that make Miracles of Massage, Miracles of Massage.”

With this being the Season of Love…We want to encourage people to take care of themselves and those they love, who are hurting.

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