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New intersection a welcome sight near high school

The walk to and from South Gwinnett High School will be safer when students return to school next week thanks to new crosswalks at the intersection of Main Street East and Wisteria Drive.

New intersection a welcome sight near high school

The intersection has been the site of many near misses between students and vehicles and last school year a Snellville police car came into contact with a student who darted from traffic on Wisteria Drive. Now new crosswalks and a pedestrian island with push-button walking signals will help alleviate these problems thanks to the joint project between the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Gwinnett Department of Transportation.

Snellville police Chief Roy Whitehead has asked South Gwinnett High School officials to spread the word to students to use the crosswalks properly and to let them know police will be watching.  

“Periodically, we will be monitoring the area and will have a zero tolerance for violations,” Whitehead said. “A student crossed by running between cars in the middle of the block and ran into the side of one of our police cars. Thankfully, she was not seriously hurt. It is human nature to take the straightest path, but running through traffic could well result in a tragedy that we want to avoid at all costs. Having been the one to make death and serious injury notifications to family members, I never want to undertake that unpleasant task here by getting voluntary compliance, allowing everyone to safely cross. Together, we can prevent anyone else being hurt.”