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New London Theatre presents Plaza Suite

New London Theatre presents Plaza Suite
By Darla Dixon

Plaza Suite is a fun romp in three acts, about couples working through their relationship issues.  New London Theatre, a Snellville-based nonprofit community theater troupe, will present the play June 12 - 28.

A hotel suite is the setting for the stories of three couples who stay at the Plaza on successive nights in Neil Simon’s hit Broadway play, adapted for a movie of the same name starring Walter Matthau in 1971.

In Act One, things have gotten a bit dull for Karen and Sam, married for over two decades.  Karen (played by Nicole Ojeda-Johns) hopes to reignite their passion by reserving the same suite at the Plaza where they spent their wedding night. But which suite and what date was it? Husband Sam (Lee Jones) is more focused on his work than his wife. Jean the secretary (Heidi Siberon) visits, causing Karen to suspect Sam of infidelity.

Act Two features an unattached Hollywood producer named Jesse (David Huenergardt). Jesse reconnects with an old sweetheart, Muriel (Rebecca Carrico), a housewife who says she is happy,  but if so, why did she come to see Jesse at the Plaza?  Does Jesse really want to commit to Muriel, or does he only want a fling?

Full-blown physical comedy hits the fan in Act Three, when Norma and Roy stay at the hotel for the wedding of their daughter. Like many mothers of the bride, Norma (Tina Holder) is very stressed. It doesn’t help that daughter Mimsey (Heidi Siberon) is upset about something and refuses to leave the bathroom. Beleaguered father, Roy (Gregory Fitzgerald), has invested in this wedding, at least financially. There’s a couple hundred dollars’ worth of appetizers in the downstairs ballroom. Mimsey must leave the bathroom!

It’s interesting to note that Heidi Siberon will play the secretary in Act One and the nervous bride in Act Three, and Stephen Mitchell plays both the bellhop in Act One and the groom of few words in Act Three.  Rounding out the cast is Aaron Harris in the role of the Plaza’s waiter.

This may be a play that you will want to see more than once.  Because it’s live theater, you’ll probably notice and experience something different each time.

Know before you go:

Tickets: Save money by purchasing in advance for $12 each. When purchased the day of the show, tickets are $15.  Children and students ages 3-19 & senior citizens (55+) $10.  Wheelchair accessible.  Casting is subject to change prior to show time.

New London Theatre is located  inside Hello Again Variety Mall, 2338 Henry Clower Blvd. in Snellville, at the corner of Knollwood Drive and Main St. (US-78).

For more information, contact or 770-559-1484.

Upcoming Show and Auditions

Watch out! Damn Yankees will invade the New London Theatre stage July 10 – 26. No, it’s not about war between north and south, it’s a musical about Joe, a man so desperate for his baseball team to win the league pennant he puts his own soul on the line in a contract with the devil.  Damn Yankees has everything you need : Show tunes, evil incarnate and baseball!  What could possibly go wrong?

The audience will enjoy great choreography as well as tunes like “Whatever Lola Wants,” “Who’s Got The Pain,” and “(You’ve Gotta Have) Heart,” songs that will have you singing as you leave the theater.

Auditions for Damn Yankees will be held May 10 and 11 and performances will be July 12 – 26.  Cast members are not required to live in Snellville to participate.   See New London Theatre’s website for more information.