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New, old and reclaimed love stories

New, old and reclaimed love stories

By Beth Volpert Johansen

February means love is certainly in the air. Love stories are as unique and varied as the couples themselves. Sometimes the pair find a perfect match online through the most high octane profile.

Others find love and lose a grip on it only to find the love of their lives was there all along. And with some couples, love blossoms on sandy Caribbean beaches just like Frankie and Annette in classic beach blanket movies. Enjoy our 2016 Edition of Love Stories and take a trip to the Caribbean, get your motor running, and believe in the magic of true love.

Tim and Joyce celebrating their anniversary with a cruise.


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Sweethearts time and again…
Joyce and Tim Reiling







Anne and Larry enjoying each other's company under the cover of their garden room.


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Larry and Anne Gilleland…
an international love story








A classic pairing


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Start Your Engines…we have a Match!
Bonnie & Robert’s story