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New product by ‘America’s’ Momager’ & husband guides families in tradition, love and the real Christmas spirit

’The Christmas Love Box’ is the perfect way to lead your family in a tradition of love and gratitude for each other. . . and to experience the true spirit of Christmas.”  Rachael Bodie, The John Maxwell Co. 

New product by 'America's' Momager' & husband guides families in tradition, love and the real Christmas spirit

You’ve probably heard about ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – but what about the ‘Christmas Love Box’.  The new holiday tradition that will bring love, gratitude and the true spirit of Christmas back into family.

Enter Christine and Bob Martinello and their new product and book, The Christmas Love Box™.   A blend of celebration for family and friends, this product is a one of a kind.  “It’s easy to do.  Write love notes to family and friends and then have a ‘Family Love Night’ to read them out loud to each other.”  Martinello says.   

Many people believe Christmas has become over-commercialized.  The new reality of families is that moms, dads and grandparents want to have a closer, more connected family, and not with more technology or material goods.  People want to be loved.  “You can give the gift of love, one note at a time.”  Christine comments.  When people express the feelings they have in their heart, they re-capture the magic of Christmas. 

“Our family has been doing the ‘Christmas Love Box’ tradition for fifteen years.  It is our favorite Holiday tradition because we experience the magic of Christmas and the real reason for the season, love.  This sacred family tradition brings families closer together in faith and love.”

The Christmas Love Box includes:
•How to write love notes and build a stronger family.
•A keepsake box, beautifully illustrated children’s story and adult how to section with sample love notes and 30 love notes for people to capture their sentiments for each other.  

“Many families feel that their family is being pulled in many different directions and this tradition will bring them closer together.”  Adds Martinello.

“The Christmas Love Box is a true family affair that family and friends can do year after year to create a legacy of love.   Once again, people can grow in love and celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season.”    

Christine Martinello is recognized as a leading authority in leadership, life balancing, and Momager® topics. She is owner of Training Solutions Int’l and she is known as a highly effective motivational speaker who has presented to companies including Wachovia Services, Iams Corp, Girl Scouts of America, the U.S. Dept.  of Energy and many other corporations and non-profit organizations.

Bob Martinello has been a corporate real estate executive with technology companies for over 30 years.  He is also a prolific poet.  Bob & Christine have been married for 22 years and are raising three young adults, ages 20, 18 and 16.  

The Christmas Love Box is available for purchase online and in boutique shops.  
You can view the video on the website.