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New Year Ushers in New GED® Program and Test

New Year Ushers in New GED® Program and Test

Gwinnett Tech GED® Testing Center One of State’s First to Offer New Test 

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The new year brought with it a new GED® program and test takers at Gwinnett Technical College’s GED® Testing Center were among the first in the state to experience the new 2014 GED® test.

 Daniela Aguilar, 22, of Lawrenceville, took the GED® exam at Gwinnett Tech on Jan. 2., 2014

The change will align the entire GED® program with college and career readiness standards and provide the level of academic rigor required by the increased demands of the job market.

Daniela Aguilar, 22, of Lawrenceville, was testing bright and early at Gwinnett Tech on Jan. 2. “I like the way the test is set up. It makes sense, and it’s easy to understand,” she said. 

Gwinnett Tech’s GED® Testing Center is one of the state’s busiest, testing 4 -5 days a week in Gwinnett and North Fulton, and was the “first to offer the 2014 GED® Test in the state of Georgia,” said Justine Lynch, Chief GED Examiner at GTC. 

“This year’s test is different, but not any more difficult than the previous version,” adds Lynch. “If you have never started or started and were not successful with the old version, do not give up.  We offer free preparation classes, and are here to help you achieve your goals.”

There are several noticeable changes evident in the new 2014 GED® test. The test will only be delivered on computer and therefore must be taken at one of the fifty-seven state-approved GED® testing centers, including Gwinnett Tech. The test, which once had five content areas, will combine the Language Arts Writing and Reading, and have four content areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.  The test will take about seven hours to complete.

The cost to take the full, four-part test will remain at $160. The price for an individual test in 2014 will increase from $32 to $40.

Test-takers will use the new MYGED web portal to register for the exam. They will register online, find a testing location convenient to them, and learn about local adult education programs. The GEDReady component of the portal provides an online practice test which gives the student instant feedback as well as suggestions on where improvement or assistance is needed. 

The new portal can be accessed at

“We highly recommend that all GED test-takers take advantage of the free adult education classes available. There are classes in every county scheduled at various times and dates for the convenience of working adults. Georgia’s adult education students can also qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of the test,” says Beverly Smith, the TCSG assistant commissioner of adult education. “Results show that the pass rate is higher for test-takers who have attended adult education classes.”

Gwinnett Tech’s Adult Education Division served 6,329 students in FY ’13, offering classes in more than ten locations in Gwinnett and North Fulton. Gwinnett Tech had the largest percentage growth in GED® test-takers in the state last year. Enrollment in the college’s GED® exam preparation program increased 91% from 458 in FY ’12 to 874 in FY ’13. 

Those interested in taking the free GED® preparation courses at Gwinnett Tech can register online at or call 678-226-6702  for more information. 

GTC offers more than 50 degree, diploma and certificate student options that can be completed in two years or less. For more information, visit or call 770-962-7580.