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NG3 Gwinnett!!…humble beginnings

NG3 Gwinnett!!...humble beginnings
By NG3 staff

In 2005, Coach Hunter and Coach Crews at Brookwood recognized a void among the football players. This void wasn’t something that could be encompassed in a simple phrase about his team. A lack in leadership or trouble with priorities didn’t encompass what he saw as a hole in the lives of his student athletes.

NG3 Staff

It went beyond that. Like most of us would find in our lives, whether it be at our workplace, home, or any other group to which we belong, the issues among the Brookwood locker-room were varied both in significance and depth. Not knowing exactly what each person under his leadership needed, Coach Crews decided to take action, bringing in a former player to be around the team and get a pulse for what was going on in their lives. This role didn’t come with a fancy title, only an opportunity. This opportunity was for Matt Williams, the former player, to build relationships with the current young men playing football at his alma mater in hopes of addressing the undefinable void witnessed by coach Crews in his team.

That is where it all began for NG3. A recognition of an undefinable and varying void in the lives of our high school student athletes. It was a daunting task for a recent college grad with a YoungLife background and a high school experience of his own with both successes and failures due to his own personal choices. What came from this experiment was an undeniable recognition that our kids in high school have a need to connect with someone who can be their mentor, confidant, and leader, someone they can depend on, trust, and will hold them accountable. In what started as a trial position at one school with one sport, has expanded to multiple sports spread across five different high school campuses in Gwinnett County. The challenges being faced by our teenagers are as broad-spectrum as ever, each school, each team, each student athlete facing challenges and obstacles in their path which are unique and sometimes, seemingly insurmountable. The need is there, and at Brookwood, Grayson, South Gwinnett, Berkmar, and now Archer…so is NG3.

NG3 is taking another step forward in its attempt to make an impact in the lives of our student athletes. On April 26th, NG3 will host the 1st Annual Experience NG3 Banquet at Competitive Edge Sports in Duluth. This banquet is another way for you to get involved on a personal or corporate level to help fill the void in our high school student athletes. Please go to today to sign up for your tickets or to become a sponsor. Be the difference and join NG3 in spreading the positive impact that can be felt through healthy leadership and guidance.

Together….we can Be the difference!

P.O. Box 1429
Snellville, GA 30078

Archer HS
Thomas Jannett – Chaplain, Community Coach

Berkmar HS
Javier Muñoz – Character Coach, Community Coach

Brookwood HS
Matt Williams – NG3 Director  Chaplain, Community Coach

Grayson HS
Dustin Mattox – Chaplain, Community Coach

South Gwinnett HS
Michael Woelfl – Chaplain

Community Development
Jon Stinchcomb

NG3 stands for Next Generation: Character  Community  Change.  Their goal is to develop men and women of character to create a positive change in our communities.  NG3 works directly with student athletes in high schools, teaching and practicing the importance of strong core values like responsibility, humility, integrity and honesty. The staff of NG3 works along side the coaches employed by the school, providing a constant presence of reliability and service.