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Norcross mattress and bed company gives back to community

Norcross – Some businesses measure success by the bottom line only, yet others gauge success by both profitability and by their contribution to the communities that support them.

Overstock Mattress and Beds is certainly a company of the latter category; president and senior partner of the company, Scott Holliday, is passionate about helping those who need help the most.

“We give mattresses to Make-a-Wish, Ronald McDonald Houses, shelters and other organizations. It’s really hard to say ‘no’ when you know people so desperately need help,” said Holliday. And giving back to the community is not his only passion. Understandably, Holliday knows a lot about sleep, and the value of it. Several years ago, he met a doctor who had written a book titled “Sleep for Success.” In fact, he had the opportunity to spend about a week with the man, and he was impressed with what he learned.

“These days, in a time when we have computers, televisions, smartphones, texting, and a world of information at our fingertips, children (especially teens) suffer from sleep deprivation. Many of them have to be up for school at six o’clock in the morning,” said Holliday. Add to the constant siren song of connectivity the fact that a lot of teens have jobs, and participate in sports and other extracurricular activities, and we are raising a generation of sleep-deprived zombies. 

“Kids need a good nine hours of sleep every night. Their brains and bodies are still growing. Their ability to learn and retain information is directly affected by the amount of sleep they get,” Holliday added. “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is extremely important. So is eating the right foods, but with respect to sleep, there should be no TVs, phones or computers in the bedroom. Sufficient sleep is just as important to what a child learns as is doing their homework.”

To underline the impact of the importance of a good night’s sleep, Holliday cited a Brown University study that revealed that a mere 17 – 33 more minutes of sleep a night can result in a full grade higher in a young person’s grades. A “B” student could become an “A” student simply be getting more sleep every night. 

Of course anytime a customer is shopping for a new item, whether it’s a car, a television or a bedding set, every store they contact claims to have the best prices in town. But Overstock Mattress and Beds has contracts with Stearns and Foster, Sealy and Serta Mattress companies, allowing them to buy new closeouts and slightly blemished product for pennies on the dollar. Recently, the Norcross store purchased a great number of Twin XL mattresses, and company staff came up with the idea for a great promotion. “Since we are so concerned about the health of young people, we came up with a great promotional contest,” said Holliday. Families with 2 or more children can enter to win two complete sets of new bedding, including a headboard footboard, rails and Serta bedding. 

“The health of children is so important to us. The right bedding not only supports their growing bodies properly, but it helps them stay in REM sleep longer, and that’s critical,” Holliday said. Because of his passion about the value of the proper amount and quality of sleep at an affordable price, the Norcross location (while open to the public when overstocks are plentiful) sells mainly to charitable retailers and organizations. Overstock Mattress and Beds is, in fact, the largest supplier of mattresses to charitable organizations. “And for the public, this is the perfect place to get the absolute best bedding for growing children,” Holliday said.

With the beginning of school just around the corner, now is a great time to make any preparations parents can make toward encouraging their children’s success in school. Buying a good set of bedding may be the easy part; convincing children that they do not need their phones, computers and TVs in their bedrooms may be a tougher sell.

Enter to win a complete set of new bedding! Includes a Serta mattress set, headboard, footboard, and rails- Valued over $5,000 Drawing on September 2, 2016. Entry form below. Mail it to the store: 6438 Dawson Blvd, Suite D, Norcross, GA 30092 or go online to register. 


Overstock Mattress and Beds is located at 6438 Dawson Blvd, Suite D, in Norcross. There is also a store in Palestine, TX. Visit the store’s website at, or call (470) 344-1872.