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November is the time to be thankful

November is a time of giving and being thankful for what you have. In addition, there ‘s table full amounts of turkey, mash potatoes, sweet tea, and most importantly pumpkin pie. This month I wanted to ask students what they are thankful for.

Soraya Bagheri

Abbie Ward, a 7th grade student at Couch Middle School says she is thankful for her friends. She says her friends are always there for her when ever and where ever and especially when she needs them. Her favorite things to do when she is with her friends is to hang out with them and having them spend the night to watch a movie or come up with something creative.

Amira Nicholson, a student at Couch Middle School, also says she is thankful for her friends because she has made many memories with them, because she has known many of them since they were little. She also says that her, and her friends respect each other’s opinions, which she is also thankful for them. Alyssa Nolte, a 7th grade student at Bay Creek Middle School says she is thankful for her family. She says that they are most important to her because they accept her even though she was adopted from Ukraine. They love, nurture, help her, and are accepting of her. She says they do everything for her that her Ukrainian family could not and that is why she is thankful.

As for myself, I am thankful for my family because they do a lot for me and love me no matter what…. sometimes. They also are the reason I am able to be who I am today! So, think of what your thankful for, watch the Thanksgiving day football game, the Macy’s Day parade, and Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving episode!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Soraya Bagheri is a rising 7th Grader at Couch Middle School and freelance writer.