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Oh, the places you’ll go

Oh, the places you’ll go
By NG3 staff

Last month, another class of graduating seniors walked across a stage, shook the hands of their principals and teachers, and received their diplomas.  I have little doubt, on more than one occasion, Dr. Seuss’ classic, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” was referenced to illustrate the seemingly endless opportunities for various paths in life available to these young men and women. 

NG3 Staff

These are very exciting times for all involved.  In much the same way, excitement and opportunity abounds for NG3 as we add new staff and expand to new campuses.

NG3 is exploring new roads with new travelers, adding staff, adding campuses, and forging new relationships in new communities.  The latest addition to the list of schools benefitting from having another positive voice speaking truth into the lives of student athletes is Parkview High School.  Javier Munoz has served as the NG3 Director at Berkmar for the past three years and is now transitioning to serve the Parkview community.  The consistent messages of, “do what you say”, “serve others”, and “bring change” will now be echoed in the locker-rooms and playing fields off of Cole Road.  There will be a new, yet familiar, face on the Brookwood campus, as former Brookwood Bronco, Lawson Hale joins the NG3 ranks as an intern.  Lawson can already be found circulating through various off-season workouts and practices as he looks to become the NG3 Director at Brookwood after he completes his collegiate workload this year.  At least two more staff members, potentially more, will be brought on board before school starts back in August.  NG3 will be growing into Northern Gwinnett and working back into the community at Archer.

With all of these changes, expansions, and movements, opportunities for you to join NG3 in making a difference are plentiful.  If you want to be hands-on, you can volunteer to spend time investing in a group of students.  NG3 receives no funding from the school, county, or state and relies on the support of the community, parents, like-minded companies and foundations to be able to serve at a school.  If you don’t have the time to commit but still want to make an impact, you can financially support NG3.  Each year, another group of young people from our communities graduates and faces the world with open hope, Oh, The Places I’ll Go.  Help ensure they are prepared for that day by supporting NG3.  If you are in the area and looking for ways to get involved, please contact NG3 at

Together….we can Be the difference!

Interested in finding out more about what NG3 is doing to make a difference in the Next Generation or how you can help? Go to NG3 is a non-profit 501(c)3 independently funded by donors like you!!

P.O. Box 1429
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NG3 stands for Next Generation: Character  Community  Change.  Their goal is to develop men and women of character to create a positive change in our communities.  NG3 works directly with student athletes in high schools, teaching and practicing the importance of strong core values like responsibility, humility, integrity and honesty. The staff of NG3 works along side the coaches employed by the school, providing a constant presence of reliability and service.