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One Nation Under God “A Prayer March!”

Visionaries carry out the plan; but God gives The Plan.

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, the Lawrenceville Lawn, 210 Luckie Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30045, at 3 pm, the March will convene.

Clyde - The path of his life, no matter how rocky, has prepared him for this day. As always, he takes his instruction from the Word of God, namely, Psalm One. “Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”

Supporters of One Nation Under God.

And that’s just one verse! Every day, Clyde reads and studies this passage of scripture and from that, he has learned the following characteristics which guard him on his path of life. He has learned to be Diligent; Patient; Obedient; innately Fearless; Spiritual; and above all, Persistent! When it became clear to Clyde that God was giving him another vision, it also became clear to him that God was also giving him the power to carry out that vision. To date, Clyde insisted God has given him 19 visions. Today, he is sharing number 19, which is to hold a Prayer March.

Clyde is a son; a brother; a worker; a soldier; a husband; a father; a friend; a businessman; and above all, a Believer! College for Clyde was thriving under the tutelage of his superiors beginning with Frank Strickland, his father, Wilbur Hardee (founder of Hardee’s restaurants), the US Army, Clinton Edward Cat-lett (Entrepreneur) his father-in-law, and Marcus Holbrook (Holbrook Waterproofing). Clyde honors all of these men for contributing to him and helping to make him the man he is now. He continues, that every opportunity he gets to stand to speak, to teach and/or mentor someone else, he carries a little bit of each of these men with him. He readily states that while he has been mentioned, he knows he was born to lead and to be independent! Clyde humbly declared, he is a leader who was born to be an entrepreneur! 

Clyde and Sandra Strickland with their children, grandchildren, and many other supporters for One Nation Under God. Clyde and Sandra Strickland with their children, grandchildren, and many other supporters for One Nation Under God.Clyde believes that the devastation or ‘in-fighting’ facing the United States of America can be fixed or healed by applying the principles of the Word of God. We are all on American soil and must learn to get along. Clyde’s commitment and dedication to God through His Son, Jesus is both real and practical. His quick admission of the devastating things in his own life helps to keep him focused. In his book, What Can I Do? he stated that “Survival breeds strength.” Clyde refers to a terrible accident at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina that had the propensity to render him disabled that changed his life. Even though the work-related accident was no fault of his own, Clyde said God allowed his physical body to be drained and depleted in this accident, and by doing so, it made him aware of the strength of his mind! He stated that his very tough life as a plowboy on his father’s farm built a resiliency in his body and helped to train his mind. He readily admits that his strong back is a direct result of his father’s farm. 

Clyde was adamant that when he and his wife, Sandra sacrificed everything they owned to open up their own business, Metro Waterproofing, it would be a success. He shared that in the midst of this successful venture, 14 years after starting it, they were devastated by the early morning call informing them that it had burned to the ground. From this, however, he stated that it was this accident that steered Metro back to its grounding principles positioning it for greater, future success. He repeated his declaration that survival breeds strength and just like the great Phoenix, they rose again out of the ashes, bigger and better! This is the hope for the Prayer March – that in this little corner of America, Lawrenceville, Georgia, we will rise again – Stronger, Together!

It was clear as a bell!” Clyde exclaimed. He recounted how God woke him up and began to speak to him regarding the Prayer March. He stated that God told him to march around the old County Courthouse square in downtown Lawrenceville. Clyde insisted that he is to march from the Lawrenceville Lawn to the square. The March would consist of prayers being prayed as they March; songs being sung as they March; and the Holy Spirit allowed to flow throughout the March! Can you see it! Can you feel it! There’s excitement in the air just picturing the event! He stated that the Marchers would replicate Civil Rights Marches where everyone is joined together in a spirit of unity for a common cause. His partner in this event is Daniel Flagg, Founder, Atlanta Prayer Partners. Ricky Lee, Country music singer will lead the charge singing The National Anthem along with Bishop William L. Sheals of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church and their gospel choir, Norcross, Georgia. Several other choirs are invited to participate. Clyde said, “Who knows what God is going to do? This is His doing!” Clyde says his greatest focus was to present to the World a diverse group varying in skin colors, ethnicities, ages, gender, languages and socio-economic differences. In other words, he stated, “It will be a picture of a little bit of heaven on Earth – Marching and Praying in Faith!”

Clyde likes to say that he is a blessed man, and every time he counts his blessings, he declares he is blessed for the fact that he has taken a moment to appreciate those blessings and to thank God for them! He shared that he is certain that his God-given will to overcome every obstacle he has faced with no formal education but totally guided by the Lord Jesus is his greatest strength! As a result, he says it was God who gave him the ‘wherewithal’ to overcome, grow and achieve! Clyde believes he was chosen to lead this Charge because of the testimony of his life and his courage to be obedient to God’s commands. This is the guiding mantra of the Prayer March

Clyde recognizes that the strength of his life has been increased through studying God’s word and prayer! He says he is simple enough to believe the Word of God, which states, “For there is no respect of persons with God.” Romans 2:11 KJV. In other words, he shared, what God has done for him, he is “faithful and just” 1 John 1:9, to do the same for you and me! Clyde testifies that “It’s amazing what you can do with God’s grace and a willing mind!” Clyde insists that all one person has to do is to open his/her heart to another person and watch what you can accomplish. His hope is that this Prayer March will be the beginning of a great diversity of people opening their hearts to each other as we watch God work in all of our hearts!

Clyde Strickland on the Square in Lawrenceville on December 27, 2018.Clyde Strickland on the Square in Lawrenceville on December 27, 2018.Clyde shared that he and Sandra were approached by John Riddle, the Executive Director of the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation, at that time, about making a lead donation to the Gwinnett Medical Center for a much-needed heart facility that could attract top specialists to the community, possibly saving 800+ lives yearly. He stated that up to that time, they had always given anonymously. But Mr. Riddle wanted to publicize their giving so that future donors would be encouraged to give likewise. He was asking the Strickland’s for $1,000,000.00 dollars. His hope was that other donors would participate to the tune of $25k – $50k up. In other words, he wanted the Strickland’s to take the lead in the giving. As Clyde has often been quoted, “Philanthropy doesn’t start at a million dollars. Philanthropy starts with one dollar.” Clyde stated that he and Sandra prayed about this and ultimately got the release from God to publicly participate. As a result, The Strickland Heart Center officially opened in 2012. Clyde stated, “If they could save a life, God could save their soul!” And he stated that “It touches him strongly that he and Sandra, two simple people, were able to set an example to do such great things!” He ended by stating that whatever he does is evidence of the fact that he and Sandra are just vessels and they never lose sight of that. This, he says is the hope for this Prayer March. That people would take the lead to come, share and participate in something that is bigger than themselves!

Clyde stated that his hope is that Americans will be revived to the possibilities of what God can and wants to do in their lives. The proof of that is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” For Clyde and Sandra, it’s crystal clear, and together they point to the paths of their lives as living proof of what God can and will do when we acknowledge Him as Lord, humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways! God promises to hear your prayers, forgive your sins and heal the land! Clyde shares that there is nothing in that scripture about gender, race, ethnicities, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, religions – only if we are His people! We are all invited to join in the Prayer March, after all, Clyde stated, “We are One Nation Under God!