Bill York

America’s war on drugs has failed. DEA estimates that only a miniscule amount of smuggled drugs are intercepted. Between the origin of illegal drugs and addicts is millions in profit. Money is why the illegal drug war is floundering and has become a financial disaster for government.

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Dave Emanuel

For most people, a dog is the family member who is always glad to see you and wants little more than some of your time, regular meals and a decent place to sleep. But for some people, a dog is much more than a pet. For them, “man’s best friend” can mean the difference between the captivity of an institution and the freedom to live, move about, or to overcome once debilitating events.

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Carole Townsend

Ever notice how people who come here for one reason oranother, never leave? I've heard jokes about it all my life, but I don't think I really understood why it happens until I had a family of my own.

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Bill York | Gwinnett Citizen

My wife Dot and I enjoy watching Jeopardy on TV. We know a few of the answers but we suffer mind-lag at our age and recall is often slow. 

I said, “Since I was in the Navy during WW II, I wish Alex Trebek would ask some questions about ships. It is a category in which I might excel.”

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