Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

By all indications, the fix is in- Gwinnett County taxpayers will be funding a $1 billion boondoggle known as MARTA expansion. In March, 2019, voters defeated a transit referendum that included plans to extend MARTA about 4 miles to Jimmy Carter Blvd, at a cost of $250 million per mile. Although the referendum included plans to add a variety of bus-based forms of public transit, voters found a cost of one billion dollars to extend a heavy rail line to be unpalatable.

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Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Well, it ain’t you, sister!
You look like a broken blister. Who told you long hair was flattering It only makes you old and shattering.”

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Katie Hart Smith

Have you ever heard a whisper in the wind – a gut feeling that was telling you that something was desperately not right? Or, perhaps it was a sense of overwhelming calm and stillness that comforted you, reassurance that you were in exactly the right place and time.

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Bill York

10:05 PM. Exhausted after a hard day, had just dozed off. Telephone jangles.
Sleepily, “Hello, it’s your dime, talk.”
Syrupy voice, “Is this William York?”

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