Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

You’re standing in a parking lot reading a text on your phone.

You’re driving along, chatting with the person in the passenger’s seat.

You walk out of a store looking at your purchases to make sure everything you bought is in the bag,

After a very nice dinner, you leave the restaurant, lost in deep conversation with your dining companion.

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Marlene Ratledge Buchanan

I am a nervous wreck! And I have to get an article in for my Hey Y’all column today. I had several other stories that I have been developing for this month’s Hey Y’all, but terror seems to be my theme of the day. I am writing to you on the morning of my book launch. With several people pushing from behind, I have written a book. Life is Hard. Soften it with Laughter.

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Katie Hart Smith

Last night I tossed and turned and prayed to God for His guidance about this column and asked the question, “How do I write about such a troubling subject matter? What words am I to use?” I let go. And, the answer came to me in early morning hours, “S.O.S.”

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Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Well, I did it!!!! I really did it. I have written a book. It is a compilation of essays. Some are based on columns I have written, but most are new material. I hope you will be interested in it and find it humorous. That was my goal, anyway.

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Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

During the past few years, the Give Hunger the Boot program has helped raise over $350,000 in food and financial donations for the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-Op. The donations have come from individuals, businesses, schools, and churches and demonstrate the willingness of people to help others. That willingness is the foundation upon which charity organizations are built. But not all charities are as “charitable” as they appear.

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