Carole Townsend

(Not So) Common Sense
Timing is everything
By Carole Townsend

It’s cold outside. The cold weather took a while to arrive, but when it did, it surely did. I love it. Oh, I hear people complaining about the temperatures, but for Pete’s sake, it’s January.

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This photo was taken with a 2015 Moultrie"A-5" Gen 2 Trail Camera near Dacula, Georgia. It is a sensor camera that automatically shoots a picture when it senses movement. We see clearly the confrontation of two deer but we like to think they are dancing. Thank you Mark for submitting this photo.

I know some people with problems, trouble that could have been avoided using common sense. ‘Consider the consequences’ is one of the most significant messages in the English language.

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Are you politically correct?
By Dave Emanuel

During the past few years, the achievement of political correctness seems to have become a world-wide obsession. What began as a simple effort to reduce the offensiveness of some terminology has metamorphosed into a movement to control language so that it conforms to individual agendas.

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