Bill York

It was a flame-colored young fox that caught my attention. I have only seen a few while hunting in Georgia. It was running in a ditch alongside the road.

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Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

It has been another one of those weeks. I have no social life, but my calendar is always full. This past week it was funerals and funeral home visits. Three services in two days. I noticed something about the women who were in attendance. The younger the females are, the higher the heels.

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Katie Hart Smith

What defines you? The labels in the clothes you wear? The kind of car you drive? Do you tend to slide down the slippery slope of materialism and let stuff define your worth? Or, do you prefer to take a more practical and realistic approach to see stuff for what it is?

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Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

You’re standing in a parking lot reading a text on your phone.

You’re driving along, chatting with the person in the passenger’s seat.

You walk out of a store looking at your purchases to make sure everything you bought is in the bag,

After a very nice dinner, you leave the restaurant, lost in deep conversation with your dining companion.

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