Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

It was a dark and stormy night on the lonely, haunted cobblestone streets of Savannah. During the Revolutionary War, many soldiers on both sides of the battle were killed. The townspeople could not bury them fast enough.

Bill York

It all started on my grandfather’s farm when I was 10 years old, during the Great Depression. When my chores were done, I dug some worms, got my cane pole and headed for the old mine pond.

Bill York

It would be refreshing to have a political campaign devoid of contentious mudslinging between candidates for office.

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

The classic entrepreneur-makes-good story chronicles the trials and tribulations of a company, started by an individual or small group, that started in someone’s garage and blossomed into a huge multi-national corporation. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Pack-ard, and Google come to mind in that regard.