Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Shortly after Snell and I got married, we decided we would chaperone the graduating class of Duluth High School on a cruise to Nassau and Free Port. We had a stop in Puerto Rico for the evening, and a bunch of the boys wanted to go into Puerto Rico. They didn’t feel comfortable enough to go by themselves, so they approached us about going with them.

Katie Hart Smith

Love is inexplicable. How do you put into words how you feel about the love of your life? How do you describe how a person can affect your heart? How do you measure and equate the depth and breadth of such feelings? How do we teach our children about love?

Carole Townsend

When I was a kid, I concerned myself with kid things. I had to take a minute to think back to what those are, but I did like dolls of all types: baby dolls, Barbies, you name it. I was a school junkie, so I concerned myself with all things “school.” And of course, family. When you’re a kid, the goings-on in your immediate family pretty much defines your world. If I ever thought about anything other than these matters, it was the exception to the rule, believe me.

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

On December 15, 2017, Gwinnett County launched the opening event in the year-long celebration of its 200th anniversary. The celebration will include events throughout the year and culminate on December 15, 2018, the date that marks exactly 200 years since the county was created.

As I glanced outside the office window that overlooks the garden in the backyard, I watched the tropical storm rains pelt the panes of glass while the winds ripped through the trees, tearing leaves from the branches. The trees swayed and swirled in circles, clock-wise then counter-clock-wise, as the winds quickly changed direction. Overhead, loud thuds and thumps made me step backward; realizing branches were breaking and striking the roof.