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Our quadruple-tasker has reviews

Our quadruple-tasker has reviews
By Ella Thomas

When I was trying to figure out what to write for my article this month, I was relaxing - reading, watching television, and listening to music. All the while I was thinking - wow, I’m a great quadruple-tasker, but that’s really beside the point.

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These amazing multi- tasking skills gave me the inspiration to write this piece about my top favorite books, movies, and songs. Now keep in mind that these are my choices, and I am aware that some of them may seem cheesy, but please don’t judge☺.

Okay, my three favorite movies would have to be Pitch Perfect, Cont-agion, and The Katy Perry Movie. This month’s article may be a little shorter because I don’t want to give you any SPOILER ALERTS. I like Pitch Perfect because it is really funny, especially with Rebel Wilson. I also think it’s cool that they sing the instrumental part of the song instead of just the lyrical part. My second choice, Contagion, is great because it is really suspenseful. It is kind of scary, but not really the “keep you up with nightmares” type of scary.  My final favorite movie is The Katy Perry Movie. I love this one because I truly adore Katy Perry.  It shows that Katy Perry isn’t perfect and she faces struggles in her life too. Those are my top three favorite movies. If your movie nights are anything like ours, save time on movie selection and think about taking one of these choices into consideration.

The next topic addresses my top rated books. These books are actually a part of a series I just finished re-reading. They may not be the most appealing choices for you if you are not a girl about my age, but I really like the Paranor-malcy series: Paranormalcy, Supernatu-rally, and Endlessly.  If I try to explain them, they may sound strange, but they are really terrific. One aspect I enjoyed about the books was the way the author, Kierston White, narrated them.  She did the voice of the main character, Evie, in a very expressive style. For example, she could change from sad to funny in the course of just a few sentences. Evie also had a humorous personality that was showcased well. The series is considered science fiction, but is really unlike books such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. (Well, actually I’ve never read or watched Lord of the Rings, but I’m pretty sure they are completely different.)

As for my favorite songs, they are all by Katy Perry!  “It Takes Two” and “Choose Your Battles” are both found on Katy Perry’s Prism album. My final favorite is “Pearl” which is on Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album. As you have probably figured out, I absolutely love Katy Perry!   I really enjoy all of her songs, so narrowing it down to these three was a pretty difficult decision.   

So, next time you’re up at night trying to find a movie, a good book, or some great music to listen to, just look back through this article because in the words of the Full House cast (my favorite television show), “I’m there for you babe!”

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And that’s everything with Ella! (for now…)